e4 Method


We analyse in-depth the maturity level of businesses in order to correctly define which methodologies ought to be employed.

We put into action the cultural changes necessary in order to quickly respond to market necessities by launching iterative inititatives which allow us to measure their impact.

We apply specific methodologies throughout the life cycle of the initiative, starting as early as the conceptualization phase, through the planning stage, and all the way through to development and launch.

By doing this, we do not only guarantee the success of the projects and services that we carry out, but we also offer that all important know-how to our clients.


We advise companies on the differing technological alternatives available, keeping in mind regulatory norms which may affect their use or implementation.

We implement the technological solutions strictly following the timescales dictated in each case, as well as helping clients in the transition process so that the procedural changes are put seamlessly into place.

In doing so, we guarantee that regulatory norms are being followed in a way that allows for the business to continue thriving and growing.


We guide and support clients on the path to innovation, through active listening, working in controlled environments, using imaginative models and with an open-minded philosophy, in order to innovate with minimal risk.

This allows for companies to speed up their digital transformation, invigorating the business and allowing for the creation of new models, always searching for the healthy balance betwen innovation and utility.


We implement solutions to protect sensitive information within companies, assuring that there are no breaches, by creating unique digital identities within the application environment, and by strictly controlling access to resources and any subsequent action that they could be used for.

As a result, employees can access information remotely thanks to a unique and transparent authentication model. Moreover, companies have the ability to utilise access and action traceability, which amongst other things allows them to retrace the steps taken in case of an attack, guaranteeing the correct fulfilment of obligations concerning data protection.